Behavioral Therapy for Dogs
Individualized Needs-based supported
with holistic approach

We specialize in holistic behavioral therapy for dogs, addressing issues such as anxiety, aggression, and other challenges. Our approach is customized to fit both the dog's and the owner's needs, ensuring effective and compassionate care. Serving clients throughout Poland and beyond, online as well, our services are available in both Polish and English.
Dog behavioral therapy
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Customized Plans

Personalized strategies for your dog’s unique needs, considering breed and individual characteristics.

Health Assessments

Starting with a health check to address any underlying medical issues affecting behavior.

Experienced Care

Over a decade of expertise, providing ongoing support and adapting methods to your dog's needs.

Dog behavioral therapy

Understanding Holistic Canine Behavioral Therapy

We believe that effective behavioral therapy goes beyond addressing symptoms – it requires understanding and addressing the root causes of your dog’s behavior. Our holistic approach ensures that we consider every aspect of your dog’s life, from their health and diet to their training and your capabilities as an owner.

Tailored to Your Dog’s Needs

Every dog is unique, and so are their behavioral needs. We start by assessing your dog’s specific requirements based on their breed and individual characteristics. Whether your dog is anxious, aggressive, or exhibiting other challenging behaviors, we develop a customized plan that addresses these issues comprehensively.

Aligned with Your Capabilities

We understand that the success of any behavioral therapy also depends on the owner’s ability to implement and maintain the training techniques. Therefore, we consider your schedule, environment, and resources when designing a therapy plan. This ensures that the strategies we develop are practical and sustainable for you.

The Importance of Proper Training

Effective behavioral therapy requires a solid foundation in obedience training. We integrate basic obedience skills into our therapy plans to ensure that your dog learns self-control and emotional management. This foundation is crucial for modifying problematic behaviors and promoting a balanced and well-mannered dog.

Health as a Foundation

Behavioral issues in dogs often stem from underlying health problems. At Skylos, we prioritize your dog’s health by recommending comprehensive veterinary examinations before starting any therapy. This helps us identify any medical conditions that could be influencing your dog’s behavior. Additionally, we may suggest dietary changes to support your dog’s overall well-being, as nutrition plays a crucial role in behavior.

Support Throughout the Journey

Changing a dog’s behavior is a gradual process that can be challenging for both the dog and the owner. At Skylos, we provide continuous support throughout the therapy journey. Our team is always available to offer guidance, adjust training methods, and provide encouragement, ensuring that you and your dog receive the support needed to succeed.

A Flexible, Dog-Centered Approach

No single method works for every dog. Our therapists are skilled in various techniques and adjust their approach based on your dog’s responses and progress. This flexibility allows us to find the most effective strategies for your dog, ensuring a positive and successful outcome.

Dog behavioral therapy
Experience the Power of Canine Companionship

empower the joy your dog brings

By choosing Skylos, you are opting for a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced partner in your dog’s behavioral health. Let us help you build a stronger, more positive relationship with your furry friend.

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Dog behavioral therapy

behavioral therapy

The initial consultation is typically 2 hours long, allowing us to thoroughly assess your dog's behavior and create a tailored plan. Subsequent sessions last 1 hour each, providing consistent support and adjustments as needed.
Consultation: 250PLN/h
Travel: 2PLN/km

Dog behavioral therapy

Online therapy

For clients located far away or when an in-person meeting isn't feasible, we offer online behavioral therapy sessions. These virtual meetings allow us to discuss and address your dog's behavioral issues effectively, providing guidance and support from the comfort of your home.
Consultation: 250PLN/h

Dog behavioral therapy

Other services

Beyond our standard behavioral therapy, we offer a range of additional services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you require expert lectures, professional opinions, or assistance in selecting the right breed or breeder, we are here to help. Each of these services is calculated independently to ensure you receive personalized and valuable support. Our extensive knowledge and experience in canine behavior make us a reliable resource for all your dog-related inquiries and needs.

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