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At PIEScidełko we provide professional dog grooming services tailored to your pet's unique needs. From basic grooming to specialized treatments for show dogs, our experienced team ensures your dog looks and feels their best. We cater to all breeds and temperaments with personalized care.
Dog grooming
Dog grooming
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Handling big dogs

We excel in grooming large breeds with expertise and care. Our facilities and techniques are designed to cater to the unique requirements of big dogs, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free grooming experience.

Grooming Anxious and Aggressive Dogs

We specialize in working with large breeds and dogs with challenging behaviors. Our groomer is zoopsychologist as well and is able to handle anxious and aggressive dogs, ensuring a stress-free grooming experience for your pet."

Professional Hand Stripping

We offer professional hand stripping services for dogs that require this technique. Hand stripping helps maintain the coat's health and appearance, and our skilled groomers ensure it is done correctly and safely.

Dog grooming

The Importance of Tailored Grooming Services for Your Dog's Health

Dog grooming goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a vital part of maintaining your pet’s overall health and well-being. Proper grooming involves understanding the specific needs of different breeds and their unique coat types. At PIEScidełko, we pride ourselves on offering specialized grooming services tailored to each dog’s requirements, ensuring their physical health and comfort. Here’s why this tailored approach is essential for maintaining your pet’s health.

Benefits of Regular Grooming:

  • Early Detection: Regular checks can help identify potential health issues early.
  • Skin and Coat Health: Removes dead hair and dirt, promoting a healthy coat.
  • Prevention of Matting: Reduces the risk of painful mats and skin infections.
  • Parasite Control: Helps in the early detection and removal of fleas and ticks.

Adjusting Grooming Methods to Coat Types

Each breed has unique grooming needs based on their coat type. For example, double-coated breeds like Huskies and Pomeranians require different grooming techniques compared to single-coated breeds like Boxers. Using incorrect grooming methods can harm the fur and skin, leading to various health problems.

Double-Coated Breeds: Shaving these breeds can disrupt their natural temperature regulation, leading to overheating in summer and cold stress in winter. Their undercoat provides insulation, and shaving can damage this protective layer, leading to skin issues.

Wire-Haired Breeds: Dogs like Terriers require hand stripping instead of clipping. Hand stripping maintains the coat’s texture and health, essential for these breeds. Clipping can lead to a softer coat that doesn’t offer the same protection or appearance.

Impact of Incorrect Grooming:

  • Texture Loss: The coat loses its natural texture, becoming soft and prone to damage.
  • Skin Sensitivity: Increased risk of skin irritation and infections.
  • Protection Loss: The coat no longer provides adequate protection against environmental elements.

Frequency of Grooming Visits

The frequency of grooming sessions depends on the breed, coat type, and individual needs of the dog. Regular grooming ensures your dog’s coat remains healthy and free of mats, while also providing opportunities for health checks and maintaining hygiene.

General Guidelines for Grooming Frequency:

  • Short-Haired Breeds: twice per year
  • Long-Haired Breeds: Every 8-16 weeks (depends of breed), with regular brushing at home
  • Double-Coated Breeds: Every 4-6 months (depends of breed), with regular brushing at home.
  • Wire-Haired Breeds (Hand Stripping): Every 8-16 weeks.


Bathing a dog is a meticulous process that involves several critical steps to ensure your pet’s coat and skin are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for further grooming. Shampoos and conditioners need time to penetrate and work effectively, breaking down oils, dirt, and debris. Professional grooming products are essential as they prepare the coat and skin for the rest of the grooming session, something over-the-counter products can’t achieve. Proper drying with a professional dryer not only removes moisture but also fluffs the fur, making it easier to trim and style. Due to these factors, we only offer comprehensive grooming services, ensuring every dog receives a bath even if pre-bathed at home, to maintain the highest standards of care and effectiveness.

Dog grooming
Dog grooming


A professional groomer acts as a vital connector between the dog, the owner, and other specialists such as veterinarians. Groomers are often the first to notice changes in a dog’s skin, coat, or behavior that may indicate health issues, making regular grooming sessions an essential part of comprehensive pet care. Key roles of a groomer include observing potential health problems early on, acting as a bridge between the dog’s owner and veterinarians, providing valuable advice on maintaining the dog’s health and grooming needs, and tailoring grooming practices to the dog’s overall well-being. Additionally, as experienced dog trainers, we can spot potential behavioral issues early and advise on preventive measures before they become serious.

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Dog grooming


Small dogs (up to 5kg): 100 PLN
Medium dogs (up to 15kg): 130 PLN
Big dogs (over 15kg): 150 PLN for the first hour, 100 PLN for each additional hour

Includes: Brushing

Dog grooming


Small dogs (up to 5kg): 160 PLN
Medium dogs (up to 15kg): 180 PLN
Big dogs (over 15kg): 180 PLN for the first hour, 100 PLN for each additional hour

Includes: Brushing, Bath, Nail trimming, Ears cleaning, Anal Gland Cleaning

Dog grooming


Small dogs (up to 5kg): 100 PLN per hour
Medium dogs (up to 15kg): 100 PLN per hour
Big dogs (over 15kg): 180 PLN for the first hour, 100 PLN for each additional hour

Includes: Brushing, Bath, Nail trimming, Ears cleaning, Anal Gland Cleaning

Dog grooming

dog show grooming

Small dogs (up to 5kg): 120 PLN per hour
Medium dogs (up to 15kg): 120 PLN per hour
Big dogs (over 15kg): 180 PLN for the first hour, 120 PLN for each additional hour

Includes: Brushing, Bath, Nail trimming, Ears cleaning, Anal Gland Cleaning

Dog grooming

additional services

Nail trimming: 50PLN
Ears cleaning/depilation: 50PLN
Dematting: 30PLN/15min
Paw and Facial Grooming during Bath: 30PLN
Additional curating bath: +30PLN
Parasites: +30PLN
Neglected dogs: +50%
Aggressive/anxious dogs: +50%
Last minute: +100%


1. book visit

Book visit through our online system – Booksy. Click button below.

2. Appointment timing

Clients must bring their dog at the scheduled appointment time. Any deviations should be communicated via phone or in person. A delay of more than 15 minutes may result in the service being denied.

3. Pre-Visit Requirements

Dogs should have the opportunity to relieve themselves before the visit and should not be fed immediately before the appointment to ensure their comfort.

4. Health Disclosure

Clients must inform the groomer of any health issues their dog may have, such as stitches, staples, warts, joint problems, heart diseases, epilepsy, allergies, or irritations that occur post-grooming. Failure to inform the groomer absolves the salon of any responsibility for potential health deterioration.

5. Senior and Sick Dogs

Elderly and sick dogs (e.g., with heart conditions) are groomed at the client’s risk. The client acknowledges that the dog’s health may suddenly worsen and agrees not to hold the groomer responsible. Clients are asked to remain in the waiting area for the duration of the visit.

6. Vaccination Requirement

All dogs brought to the salon must have a current rabies vaccination. Without this, the appointment will be canceled, and the client will be charged 50% of the service cost.


7. Insect treatment

Any detected insects will be treated mandatorily, with the cost according to the price list

8. Mat Removal fees

There is an additional fee for dematting based on the price list. Removing felt-like mats will incur an extra charge as for a neglected dog.

9. Difficult dogs

If a dog exhibits aggressive or anxious behavior, the service cost increases by 50%. If the client fails to inform the salon about possible aggression, the cost will increase by 100%.

10. Hairstyle complaints

Any complaints about the haircut should be made immediately upon collecting the dog. If something is missed at the time of collection, complaints will be considered within 24 hours of leaving the salon. Changes requested after this period will be treated as a new visit.

11. Cancellation policy

Appointment changes or cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Otherwise, the client will be charged 50% of the service cost.

12. No sedative or force

No pharmacological agents or force are used on animals, so the visit duration may vary depending on the dog’s cooperation on the day of the appointment.

13. Groomer supervision

During the visit, the dog is under the groomer’s care. Clients may stay in the salon and observe from the waiting area but must maintain silence and not disturb the groomer. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave the salon.

14. Price awarness

Clients declare that they have reviewed the current price list. The service fee is non-negotiable.

15. Promotional use

Photos and/or videos of the dog’s visit may be used for the salon’s promotional purposes


Joanna Nosal-Chojnowska

Groomer, trainer, zoopsychologist, dog therapist, instructor

Michał Chojnowski

Trainer, behaviorist, instructor, grooming assistant

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