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We believe in a holistic approach to dog training that focuses on more than just commands. Our program is designed to guide both you and your dog through a journey of growth, emotional control, and mutual understanding. With our expertise, patience, and personalized methods, we help shape well-rounded, balanced, and obedient dogs, ensuring a harmonious bond that lasts a lifetime.
Dog training
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Dog Training is a Long-Term Process

Dog training is not just a matter of weeks or a few months. Behaviors are shaped over many months, sometimes even years. Quick results are possible, but refining, solidifying, and generalizing these behaviors require consistent effort. Typically, a dog is "trained" after about 2-3 years of dedicated work. We often hear, "but that's so much work... I don't have time..." Here's the reality: quality training demands time and patience.

Everything We Do Matters For a Dog

Training doesn't start and end with sessions with the trainer. Everything we do with our dog influences its training. Every greeting, feeding, grooming, wiping paws, every walk and playtime... Every visit to the vet, car ride, leaving the dog alone. In every daily situation, we are teaching our dog something, often without even thinking about it, which is why it's crucial to maintain proper habits in our interactions with our dog outside of formal obedience training sessions.

Shaping Emotions and Self-Control

Properly shaping a dog's behavior, emotions, and self-control skills is crucial. A dog that can manage its emotions and behavior is more predictable and easier to train. Working on the dog's emotions, such as fear, excitement, or frustration, and teaching self-control allows for harmonious functioning in various situations. This process leads to a calmer, more balanced, and obedient animal with which you will live a happy life together!

Dog training
Dog training


– A “smart” dog

– A dog that listens to me (usually meaning following basic obedience commands, stopping on command, staying in place, interrupting various behaviors, including aggressive ones, on command, and so on)

– A dog that knows what is allowed and what is not

– A dog that doesn’t run too far and returns on command (in the owner’s imagination – on EVERY COMMAND)

– A dog that doesn’t pull on the leash

– A dog that doesn’t attack other dogs and people

– Sometimes the desires are a bit broader… retrieving, walking by the heel on and off the leash (the longer, the better), not running out of the open gate when we drive out, and even “protecting” us from every “suspicious person” without undergoing civil defense training, and many more…

All of this is possible, but it requires a lot of dedicated time, many repetitions, and it doesn’t happen by itself. We shouldn’t expect our dogs to be more “intelligent” and disciplined than many adults without investing effort and building a good relationship.

“Even Solomon Can’t Pour from an Empty Vessel” – Results Depend on the Foundation

It’s essential to adjust our expectations based on the foundation we have – the dog. If you don’t have a dog yet but have considered your expectations (which is the most appropriate approach), preparing the right foundation is crucial. The condition and psychological state of the dog when you acquire it significantly impact the training outcomes. Training a puppy that has only seen the world from a kennel or its own yard and is scared in new situations will take longer and may not yield the same results as the same amount of time spent training a brave, open, and human-oriented puppy, which someone (usually the breeder) has already invested some effort into during early development. The same applies to dogs that have lived forgotten for months or years, suddenly taken for training with expectations of obedience competition behavior.


Dog training is a rewarding but tedious process – sculpting day by day. It’s about noticing the smallest nuances and minor progress… Viewing the dog in many contexts and adjusting expectations according to age, health status, hormonal status, amount of training, fulfillment of the dog’s needs (not just those that come to mind first, like eating, drinking, and bathroom breaks, but also exploration, hunting games, chewing, active eating, and social interactions – especially with other dogs), and many other factors. Dog training also involves a great deal of understanding and eliminating your mistakes.

In All Conditions

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, in severe frost, during holidays, and busy work periods. We spend time with the dog and train ALWAYS. The inability to engage in activities and training with the dog should be rare, when things are truly falling apart, not, as often happens, when there is rarely time for a walk and training, while for weeks and months the dog is “idle.” We won’t build anything on this.


It’s hard to guess what people mean when they say they want to train their dog to be smart or that their dog is stupid, but if we want to talk about wisdom, wisdom is related to the experiences gained throughout life and is acquired over the years…

Why Do I Even Have a Dog?

We buy or adopt a dog to have a companion and friend. We spend time with friends, and if not, friendships weaken and even break. Often, all variants of spending time with the dog, developing it, and building relationships proposed by the trainer are rejected because there’s no time, no energy, the dog doesn’t listen, it’s this or that… So I ask, where will this desired relationship, bond, and obedience come from? And why is there even a dog in this family?

If You Don’t Have Time/Desire to Spend Time with a Dog – Don’t Own a Dog

Dog training
Dog training
Dog training


Many people think that dog trainers have some kind of magical power and just need to look at the dog, make a few skillful moves, and the dog will suddenly become gentle, obedient, and focused on the owner, then transfer the secret knowledge of controlling the dog to the owner in a few moments, and everything will become clear, easy, and pleasant. However, all our magical power is the ability to observe the animal, read its signals, catch mistakes in the owner’s behavior, and motivate the dog. Yes, we know some training tricks, and after years of practice, we almost “speak dog” with our bodies, but these are OUR skills, and we are not the ones living with your dog. We teach YOU how to teach, motivate, and control your dog, and you need to acquire some of the trainer’s skills. You must develop consistency, persistence, and spend long hours with your dog to get to know it thoroughly.


I often feel that clients come to training not to have an open mind and learn something but to demonstrate their own methods. The trainer says one thing, the client another… After several attempts to ask to perform an exercise and explain why it’s worth trying differently, I start to feel like I’m speaking Chinese, and the dog still doesn’t understand the owner’s expectations and is increasingly disengaged from the already fragile dog-owner relationship.


Properly shaping a dog’s behavior, emotions, and self-control skills is the foundation of effective training. Without this, even the most meticulous training sessions may not yield the desired results. A dog that can control its emotions and behavior is more predictable and easier to work with. Working on the dog’s emotions, such as fear, excitement, or frustration, and teaching self-control – the ability to delay gratification and restrain impulses – allows for harmonious functioning in various situations. Training that includes these aspects is an investment that pays off in the form of a calmer, more balanced, and obedient animal. This enables the dog to learn new commands more effectively, respond appropriately to different stimuli, and behave according to the owner’s expectations. Remember, this process requires time, patience, and consistency, but the results are worth it, leading to better understanding and a deeper bond between the dog and its owner.


Therefore, we combine all these aspects in our classes. We help you establish a deeper bond and connection, teaching you how to “talk” with each other. We specialize in northern dogs, having as many as 10 of them, with many often standing on the podium not only in sled races but also in obedience competitions. Thanks to our methods, we show that even northern dogs, known for their independence and strong character, become exemplary companions. Follow our advice patiently, carefully, and consistently, and you will create an amazing, harmonious, and versatile team with your dog. It is through mutual understanding and consistent work that you can achieve success, bringing joy and satisfaction to both you and your four-legged friends.

Languages: English, Polish.

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One dog can transform the life of an entire family. While the journey might feel like a rollercoaster, our expert guidance can help you navigate the twists and turns, minimizing stress and maximizing joy. Let’s build a harmonious bond between you and your dog.

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Dog training

basic obedience

It lays the foundation for a well-mannered and balanced dog, focusing on much more than just commands. We delve into self-control and emotions management, teaching your dog to stay calm and focused even in challenging situations. We covere essential commands such as sit, stay, and recall, while also addressing real-life skills that every owner needs. Join us to build a solid relationship with your dog.

Dog training


Discover a fun and engaging dog sport that combines elements of obedience and agility. In Rally-O, you and your dog navigate a course with signs that provide instructions for various exercises, such as sits, turns, and jumps. Our training focuses on building a strong partnership between you and your dog.

Dog training

puppy class

Start your puppy on the right paw with our specialized classes. We cover essential topics such as house training, basic commands, and socialization. Our puppy classes are designed to build a strong foundation for a well-behaved and confident adult dog.
Minimum age is 8 weeks

Dog training

dog show training

Prepare your dog for the spotlight with our expert dog show training. We provide comprehensive training that focuses on proper stance, gait, and presentation, ensuring your dog performs at its best in the ring. Whether you're aiming for local shows or international shows or Crufts maybe?

Dog training

dog sled trainings

For owners looking to engage their dogs in sledding sports, we offer comprehensive training in various disciplines, including rig, sledges, scooter, bikejoring, and canicross. Our experienced trainers will guide you and your dog through the skills needed to excel in these exciting activities, fostering a strong bond and a high level of fitness.

Dog training

special requests

Sometimes you ask us for lessons not listed in our regular offerings, or you request us to be lecturers for larger groups. We are more than happy to accommodate these unique requests. Whether you need specialized training sessions, custom workshops, or expert lectures, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us with your special requirements, and we'll tailor our services to meet your needs.

Dog training

periodic trainings

Join our periodic training sessions, including socialization walks, free group walks, scent work, and other exciting events. These sessions provide valuable opportunities for dogs to learn and grow in a fun and engaging environment. Check our Facebook page to find out more and stay updated on upcoming events.
Remember! Be fast! We have limited spots!


1. book visit

Book trainings through our online system – Booksy. Click button below.

2. Inform us of any changes in your plans

Canceled Classes Less Than 24 Hours Before the Scheduled Time Are Considered Conducted

3. Be Prepared for Classes

Leash, collar or harness, small treats your dog likes, and your dog’s favorite toys are essential. Your dog should also be hungry.

4. Attending Dogs Must Be Healthy

Any health issues or lack of vaccinations/deworming (more than 3 months) should be reported before the visit. We will then set up the appropriate meeting schedule.

5. Arrive at the Appointed Time

If you arrive early, take a walk at a distance from the training area so other dogs can finish their training and leave comfortably. If you’re late, let us know and you will be allowed to enter the class.

6. Clean Up After Your Dog

This applies both on the training premises and during training walks. There is no need in stepping into your dog’s poop, neither by pedestrians nor other clients.

7. Do Not Allow Dogs to Greet Each Other

Without the Trainer’s Permission. This also applies when passing each other on the way in or out. We want to avoid additional stress which may be caused by an unexpected face-off.

8. We Do Not Conduct Single Lessons

If you have completed your first lesson and are interested in full training, purchase a package on the second lesson. We offer two types of packages: small – 5 lessons, and standard – 10 lessons. Both valid for 4 months.

9. Training Packages Are Non-Transferable

It is not possible to exchange the hours purchased in an individual training package for group training, thematic classes, or other services such as grooming, dog therapy, or dog sledding.


single lesson


indivudual packages

5-pack: 600PLN

10-pack: 1100PLN

group trainings




group packages

5-pack: 500PLN

10-pack: 900PLN

scent work

150PLN/meeting (2-3 hours)


socialization walks

Regular clients: 80PLN(1-2 hours)

New clients: 100PLN (1-2 hours)

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